Innovation Scouting

Aspen TechExplorer®

Aspen’s Open Innovation scouting service provides organizations the opportunity to reach out to external sources for innovation and technology to compliment internal core competencies. It also extends IR&D (internal research & development) investments on new products and processes. The TechExplorer® service allows corporations and government agencies the opportunity to tap into previous technology investments from a) academic institutions, b) government facilities c) private sector corporations and d) individuals. Utilizing Aspen services can result in a considerable reduction in product development cycle time and extend internal core competencies while providing value added, market differentiation.

Types of agreements which can be formed include:

  • Licensing of technologies
  • Purchase of technologies
  • Joint development programs
  • Consulting services w/technology owners possessing advanced Subject Matter Expertise
  • Advanced testing and analysis based upon unique facility capabilities
  • Partnering on government contracts
  • Surfacing acquisition candidates

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Capabilities Marketing

Aspen Explorer™

Aspen’s capabilities marketing service is designed to provide a balanced push/pull approach to effectively market your organization’s competencies. An organization’s capabilities can include:

  • Intellectual property
  • Unique products or services
  • Facility capabilities
  • Underutilized waste streams
  • Subject-Matter-Experts

Explorer identifies an organizations capabilities and surfaces opportunities to market those strengths and expertise to external prospects.

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Voice-of-the-Customer Research

Aspen Surveyor™

The Aspen Surveyor, Voice-of-the-Customer service, focuses on an organization’s existing customers, prospects,and suppliers to provide definitive feedback on perceived strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your business. This view provides an outside/in perspective as viewed by existing or target clients. This "voice-of-the-customer" service will enable your organization to become more externally focused and build products or services around the specific needs AND desires of existing or future customers.

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Project Management

Aspen Navigator™

Aspen’s project management support service assists organizations in the technology maturation and integration process. This approach accelerates the new product development process using highly targeted technologies surfaced during open innovation searches. Utilizing an external project manager to advance externally identified technologies into existing or new products, can enable employees to maintain existing priorities without adversely impacting the speed-to-market for new technologies.

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Economic Development

Aspen Pathfinder™

Small technology companies frequently have challenges spanning the chasm between research and the commercial market. This is truly unfortunate as disruptive technologies, which could benefit society and create a highly successful business, are often never realized. Pathfinder is designed to increase the exposure of local or regional small businesses to a national and international level. This is done through a process of aligning their core competencies with the needs of government and industry. We can create a custom program, based upon your specific industry clusters and small business population, to maximize exposure to potential clients, collaborators or partners.

Aspen Pathfinder expands small business exposure by:

  • Conducting an initial assessment of small businesses technology and subject matter expertise
  • Assisting businesses in uploading information to a searchable database
  • Driving organizations, searching for technologies and capabilities, to view small businesses strengths

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