Aspen is seeking individuals from a number of industry sectors, to work on a commission basis with the Aspen Team. We are an Open Innovation service provider, aligning the technology interests of Fortune 1000 corporations with technologies and intellectual property from academic, government and private sector organizations. Successful candidates will have developed solid relationships with R&D, open innovation or external technology sourcing individuals in target industry sectors.

Energy Sector Subject Matter Expert

Energy is a hotbed of innovation and rapidly advancing technology. In order to capitalize on cutting edge technology, open innovation should be a key component in any corporate strategic plan. Aspen is searching for individuals with a proven track record in the energy industry who have established relationships with decision makers in research and technology roles at large corporations. Industry suppliers and retired professionals, interested in developing a complimentary revenue stream, would benefit from the commission based technology sourcing program.

Life Sciences Sector Subject Matter Expert

The healthcare industry sector, ranging from pharmaceuticals to medical devices is a targeted area for Aspen’s program growth. Individuals with a proven history in the industry, and who have developed influential relationships with industry leaders would be quite successful in the role of Healthcare Industry SME. Retired professionals or possibly manufacturers reps, interested in developing supplemental income, would benefit from commission paid through the Aspen’s technology sourcing program.

Materials Subject Matter Expert

Materials are cross-cutting technologies which transcend individual industries. Individuals with a solid expertise in the materials area and have a proven history of proactively interacting with major corporations are of particular interest. Successful candidates are frequently very involved in industry associations and may be manufacturers reps or retired professionals interested in developing a new revenue stream.