Our Vision

Aspen facilitates the maturation and integration of highly innovative technologies, products or services into applications of value to society.  Aspen will be globally recognized as a leader in open innovation and effectively aligning the interests of technology users with technology owners.

Our Mission

Aspen is an innovation enabler focusing on the acceleration of innovative technology, products and services to maximize niche market value.  Using a technology “pull” model, Aspen identifies the needs and desires of industry and government users then surfaces and filters technologies aligning with client interests.

Aspen Structure

Aspen is comprised of a number of business units designed to provide highly customized services for customers serving targeted industry sectors:

Aspen TechExplorer®
Open innovation model designed to surface innovations aligning with the interests of corporations and government agencies.
Aspen Explorer℠
Marketing of an organization’s capabilities and surfacing opportunities aligning with clients facilities, unique or underutilized products/services or subject matter expertise.
Aspen Surveyor℠
Voice-of-the-Customer research to identify new product development opportunities through surveys with clients, prospects and suppliers.
Aspen Navigator℠
An Open Innovation Project Management support service to assist in integrating new, externally surfaced technologies into finished products or services.
Aspen Pathfinder℠
Economic Development support of state and regional organizations to expand small business visibility to a national and international level.


Aspen is a consulting company dedicated to accelerating technology from idea to commercial success.  The company was formed in 1997 focusing on market research, product commercialization and corporate market repositioning. Former clients include domestic and international fortune 1000 corporations interested in penetrating highly targeted market niches to maximize return through product differentiation.  Utilizing a unique open innovation model to surface and filter highly innovative technologies for niche markets has become an Aspen trademark.  Working with small and large international corporations, government agencies and academic institutions has allowed Aspen a unique perspective on the synergistic advantages of bringing organizations together.  Foundational components for the Open Innovation model is based upon years of working with NASA Langley to align the needs of fortune 1000 corporations with the capabilities of small technology companies.


Please let us know if we can answer any questions about our Open Innovation or New Product Development services. Include your inquiry and contact information in a note to info@aspeninnovate.com